A professional resume is worth every penny!


A good many years ago, if you’d asked me to pay someone to do my resume, I’d have looked at you with some bemusement and scoffed at the idea. I mean, I am reasonably educated, have a university degree, a good command of the English language and forking out $….. for something I could do myself. Ah, no!

Now in full disclosure I admit that I am in the HR business but I assure you this is not self-promotion. Just an honest discussion of a topic that came up when I met a friend for coffee recently and which really set me on a thinking spree.

Now my friend has been working in the IT field for a long time and has decided that he wants to move to project management. As we were parting ways, he casually mentioned that he had an appointment with a resume professional who agreed to do up his resume for $…..

I said my goodbyes and walked away in amazement. No, the money didn’t faze me, rather it was the fact that he wasn’t doing it himself. Why not? He was perfectly capable of doing his resume, but he still wanted to avail the services of a professional. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense, seeing it from his perspective. I knew this already 🙂

  • For one, it would be done a lot faster. No more procrastination.
  • It definitely would be professional and would take into account current resume trends and formats.
  • You have one chance to get noticed. Typically, a recruiter spends an average time of 5-7 seconds per resume. A well put-together resume makes all the difference and can be immediately noticed.
  • A resume writer has the experience and know-how to craft words together. They know what recruiters are looking for. Buzz words, key words – are important and specific to different occupations.

I didn’t check back with my friend, but the next time I came across him in Linked-in, I saw that he did get the position he wanted. So the new professionally done resume worked.

If you can do it, go for it – but don’t let a shoddy resume be the stumbling block in getting that next great position you are aiming for!

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