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Guest post by Jamie Soo Like you I was a job searcher up until three weeks ago. I have a lot of empathy for the situation you find yourself in. It’s important to acknowledge your disappointment and other feelings you … Continue reading

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Using LinkedIn – another approach

A friend from a networking group was going crazy. His job search was going nowhere. He was doing everything right, or so he thought. He was networking furiously, seeking out networking meetings, scanning the internet for posted jobs, contacting agencies/recruiters/head … Continue reading

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Involuntary separation – an employee’s perspective

You walk into your office building, your head is buried deep in ‘work’ thought. You say good morning to everyone you meet on the way in, reach your cubicle, complete your computer logins and start the daily ritual. You check your emails, respond quickly … Continue reading

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A professional resume is worth every penny!

A good many years ago, if you’d asked me to pay someone to do my resume, I’d have looked at you with some bemusement and scoffed at the idea. I mean, I am reasonably educated, have a university degree, a … Continue reading

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Should I stay or should I go?

I couldn’t resist using the title of the song by the English punk rock band, The Clash, from their album Combat Rock. It has a nice catchy ring to it and the song was the band’s only number-one single on … Continue reading

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360 Degrees Profile of an HR Professional

At the outset, let me say this is meant to be a lighthearted expose` of the consummate HR professional. Take it with a grain of salt! Any resemblance to the real thing may or may not be true :-). Sometimes … Continue reading

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A New Blog is born!

… and a new Human Resources Blog is born!

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